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 The Total Air Balance approach to test and balance begins by reviewing the design documents to ensure the ability to complete the balancing service. During the balancing process, if equipment or system performance cannot be achieved, the discrepancy is documented with the potential cause and then immediately forwarded to the apprporiate party. As a result, the goal is detailed report documentation with repeatable results. Every attempt is made to resolve any issues quickly to avoid delays in the project completion.

 Total Air Balance has NEBB qualified supervisors for Test and Balance of Air and Hydronics systems. Total Air Balance has extensive experience with the following services:

  • Air System Balancing
  • Hydronic System Balancing
  • Space Pressurization
  • Building Pressurization
  • Outside Air Issues
  • Exhaust System Balancing
  • Fume Hood Testing
  • Duct Leakage Testing

Test and Balance 
IAQ Testing 

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